Finding Top-talent in a Remote World

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Welcome to Personala - your trusted partner for global recruitment services.

Based in The Netherlands, we specialize in providing full-cycle recruitment solutions with a focus on the tech industry.

Personala has been pioneering the "digital nomad" movement for years.

Our approach is grounded in data and operational excellence, which enables us to provide exceptional service to our clients. With our experience working with multinational corporations such as DSM and BP, as well as notable 'unicorns' like Epic Games, we have gained valuable insights into fast-moving tech-related sectors.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your business in finding top talent remotely.




Lodewijk prioritizes candidate experience and pursues his passion for photography outside of work, while eagerly anticipating the opportunity to help businesses expand and succeed



Dominik, an experienced international sales professional with a keen eye for talent sourcing and screening, also enjoys creating music, writing poetry, and rooting for the Lakers

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your business in finding top talent remotely.


At the start of our partnership, we will have an in-depth conversation to collect comprehensive information about your company and the position you want to fill. This discussion can be arranged either at your premises or online, depending on your preference and availablity. Our aim is to gain a thorough understanding of your work environment and hiring needs so that we can provide you with a detailed plan of approach.

Marketing & Research

Personala is committed to providing you with exclusive and dedicated research. To ensure maximum visibility for your job posting or for those hard-to-fill niche roles, we also offer services for establishing succesfull in-house or external recruitment campaigns via targeted online media channels.

Success-Based Placements

Our payment structure is designed to align our interests with yours. We only charge a fee of 19% of the first annual salary after successfully reaching an employment agreement with your new team member. This means that we are highly motivated to deliver top talent that meets your hiring requirements.

In-house Recruitment Management

We specialize in full-cycle recruitment services, among which agency management, setting up new or improving existing recruitment teams, and cater to both startups and larger companies. With our data-driven approach and operational excellence, we work closely with you to understand your unique needs and deliver tailored services.